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Spending time searching for valuable and useful information bout how to care for your Autistic child can be overwhelming. With so many sources of information, how can one be sure that the one they’re looking at is the best for their family? There are some sites that take into consideration many variations in personal situations of Autism. Here is a list of the top ten, best voted websites:

1. – A great resource for leading autism science and links to many advocacy organizations. Also, Apps, communication technique games, and social skills games for kids.

2. – Information for people with autism, parents of autistic kids, and professionals. A great place to find the latest press releases and news regarding autism.

3. – they have an email newsletter that details the most current updates on common developmental disabilities.

4. – A website managed by a network of parents and professionals, they strive to provide people affected by autism with updated information.

5. – The official site of the Autism Research Institute which focuses on researching causes, and treatments for those with autism.

6. – Manged by parents affected by autism, has great insights on teaching and learning methods for kids with autism and has a popular help forum to share stories and best practices.

7. – Stands for: The Asperger and High Functioning Autism Association and helps with providing a list of summer programs and useful questions to ask when choosing a program.

8. – An informative and fun website for parents and children which is easy to navigate and has lists of events and specialists.

9. – Supplies the best resources for treatments. It also presents a huge range of articles on autism.

10. – Information on different types of therapy treatments for children with autism.

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