Angel Rodriguez Frito Lay HR VP Kellogg


Angel Rodriguez Frito Lay VP Kellogg

Angel Rodriguez most recently served the business community as the Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief People Officer for WorldVentures, a Travel and Direct Selling company. 

As the first Senior HR Leader for an exponentially growing organization in the Travel and Direct Selling industry, Angel is accountable for advancing the people agenda as a key business enabler supporting over 250,000 representatives.

Angel is also passionate about finding a solution to the Autism Challenge.  He is an advocate of the movement and bears a personal connection to Autism within his family.

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a general term for a group of complex brain development disorders. These disorders are generalized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. Autism appears with the most obvious signs and symptoms beginning at age 2.

There are several organizations that are incessantly focused on solving the Autism Challenge.  Of particular note is “Autism Speaks” which seeks to find effective methods for earlier diagnosis as early intervention with behavioral therapies has proven to be beneficial for outcomes in future brain development.

As increasing autism awareness is a key enabler, Angel Rodriguez has created this site in hopes that this blog will bring together research, news and resources to help loved ones, families, and volunteers play an invaluable role in improving the lives of anyone affected by autism.

The intention is for the site to be interactive and allow for contributors to engage in best practice sharing across the broader community.