Angel Rodriguez started this website in hopes of helping others
cope with the hardships of autism and it’s impact on families.

Autism completely changes the role of parenting, as our children are not able to have the kind of childhood we once had. Everything is different within family life and as some parents go into handling the situation, there are little to no resources to help.

“Autism has affected my family since 2008. Now I have 2 sons with the affliction. At the time of writing my previous blog, we only knew about the oldest,” says Angel Rodriguez. “There are no best practices for dealing with Autism, so it is important to understand the series of practices and therapies that work differently for each child.”

When talking to Angel Rodriguez about his experience with Autism within his family, he stated a few things he wish he had known at the beginning of raising his family. Angel stated that he wishes someone had told him to be more careful about:

  • • Concerns with child vaccines
  • • Advice on Diets
  • • Warning signs
  • • Advice on how to handle things personally
  • • Dealing with the depression and concern that envelops your life
  • • Relationship counseling

Angel Rodriguez’ overall goal for this site is to deliver insights, advice, resources, and hope for families and children in need of support. A closing note from Angel:

“Stay confident that you can help your child, set reasonable goals, move forward with courage, stay close to each other and don’t let the affliction tear your lives apart. Seek the best and most innovative solutions – there is no specific formula – only what makes sense for your child.”